The Emerging Leaders in Aging program is an inspiring, interdisciplinary experience that augments and leverages existing leadership skills for clinical, research, policy and educational initiatives in aging. It consists of activities spanning one year, with the anticipation that the community of leaders will remain meaningful colleagues for each other throughout their careers. Beginning with a two-day, in-person workshop in the fall, followed by a series of individual and small group coaching/mentoring sessions via videoconference, and culminating with a final two day in-person meeting in the days preceding the AGS Annual Meeting, the Emerging Leaders in Aging program provides leadership training focused on the unique needs of leaders in aging-specific environments.

Tideswell at UCSF focuses on one of the greatest needs in healthcare today – improving the quality of care for older adults with chronic conditions and functional limitations living in our communities.  This population accounts for a large portion of healthcare costs in the U.S.  By applying and adapting the most compelling researchcare models, and training to the real needs of older adults in our communities, our work greatly improves the quality of care while significantly relieving the burden on families, communities, and the economy.