Dr. Williams receives UC President’s Research Catalyst Award

Brie Williams, MD has received a University of California President’s Research Catalyst Award that will fund $300,000 for her project “UC Consortium on Criminal Justice Healthcare.” This project will build the infrastructure for a UC-wide community of scholars to address the pressing need for interdisciplinary leadership and innovation in criminal justice healthcare research. The U.S. has the world’s highest incarceration rate, and California leads the nation with the most persons in jails, prisons or on parole or probation. Yet the impact of widespread incarceration on individual and community health, and interventions to address these adverse consequences are only beginning to be investigated. In this research void, policymakers are searching for evidence to guide reform and administrators are searching for innovative care models. Meeting the urgent health needs of criminal justice-involved individuals and their communities will require interdisciplinary expertise from diverse fields such as medicine, psychology, law, sociology, economics, public policy, and others. The Consortium will address this pressing need by building UC-wide interdisciplinary research capacity, attracting and developing faculty and students to become future leaders in this field, and positioning UC as a leader in innovation and evaluation of new healthcare models and policies to shape criminal justice health reform and improve the health of millions of Californians and their communities. Read more about Dr. Williams’ work to shape criminal justice health reform here.