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Tideswell at UCSF develops and supports innovative approaches to aging-related training for students in the healthcare professions, formal and informal community care providers, and other professionals who interact with older adults.

Educational Innovation Projects

Tideswell is collaborating with the Haile T. Debas Academy of Medical Educators to sponsor the following projects that develop innovative approaches to teaching and learning at UCSF:

2015-2016 Educational Innovation Projects:

 5. Developing a Geriatrics Fellowship_Rivera

Just-In-Time Coaching for Faculty Teaching in Interprofessional Settings

Dr. Josette Rivera is working on just in time coaching for faculty in all UCSF schools/programs who teach in interprofessional classroom and clinical settings. This program will provide application of principles of interprofessional education, collaboration across departments/schools, and approaches to enhance the personal/interpersonal learning climate.

 5. Development of an Innovative_Calton

Preparing Trainees to Communicate Effectively with Seriously Ill Patients through a Targeted Communications Curriculum

Dr. Brook Calton is developing a curriculum that will equip UCSF medical and nursing students with the communication skills necessary to provide the best possible care for seriously ill patients and families. The curriculum will be based on an assessment of Internal Medicine residents’ and graduating Advance Practice Nursing students’ communication experiences, and will be used to provide students with the practical skills they need in the next stage of their training.


Integrating Interprofessional Learners in High-Risk Surgical Patient Care

Dr. Emily Finlayson is creating a longitudinal curriculum for early medical and nurse practitioner students that embeds them into the interprofessional prehabilitation team within the UCSF Surgery Wellness Clinic. The program will pilot an interprofessional workplace-learning curriculum to advance students’ attitudes, knowledge, and care of vulnerable older adults in the perioperative setting.

2014-2015 Educational Innovation Projects:

 3. Preclerkship Medical Student_Eng

Preclerkship Medical Student Health Coaching and Clinical Skills Development in Home-Based Interprofessional Programs

Dr. Jessica Eng developed a curriculum that embeds first-year UCSF medical students within an interprofessional home-care team caring for older veterans.  Students have hands’ on opportunities to work in a home care setting and contribute to patient care using health coaching skills with feedback from an interprofessional leaders.  Tideswell guided the program’s implementation and supported the project’s evaluation and dissemination, so that it is sustainable for future medical school classes.

 4. Workplace Learning Experience_Nye

Workplace Learning Experience on an Interprofessional Surgical and Medical Team: Clinical Skills Building and Early Student Immersion in Systems

Dr. Heather Nye created a curriculum for early learners on an inpatient orthopedics team.  Because a substantial number of orthopedic surgeries are performed on patients older than 65, this is an ideal arena for students to learn strategies to support older patients during the perioperative period and to understand the complicated systems that patients navigate.   Students are embedded within full interdisciplinary teams, with roles in both preoperative and inpatient management of patients, engaging in quality improvement projects on delirium prevention, medication management and education, and care transitions.

 5. Developing a Geriatrics Fellowship_Rivera

Developing a Geriatrics Fellowship Training Program for Community Geriatrics Education

Dr. Josette Rivera developed a curriculum to train geriatrics fellows how to teach principles of geriatrics care to professionals and lay persons in community-based organizations.  Further, the curriculum guided fellows to apply these new skills to develop and implement a community education program, which provides training about care for older adults to people in our communities.

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Tideswell Geriatrics Scholarship Award Summit

Between 2011 and 2015, Tideswell supported the Geriatrics Scholarship Award Summit in response to a national shortage of physicians focused on the care of older adults. The program identified medical trainees who expressed early interest in the field of geriatrics and fostered their interest by providing them with early exposure to the field of geriatrics, mentorship, and encouragement to pursue geriatrics as a career focus. The ultimate goal was to increase recruitment of potential clinical or research fellows interested in a career in academic geriatric medicine. As a result of the Summit, the Division of Geriatrics has welcomed four trainees as Division fellows: Daphne Lo, Stephanie Rodgers, Meera Sheffrin, and Uma Tadepalli.